technology built for the demands of AI
industry-leading up-times.  multi-level redundancies.  flexible implementation.  

superior system stability

Reliable Uptimes.  Independent auditor  UpTimeSafe reports WebChartAI uptimes

of 99.9+% for the last four years.   

Fewer Maintenance Windows.  WebChartAI  had less than five scheduled maintenance windows in each of the last two years and no unscheduled windows.  

Real-time System Monitoring.  Continuous monitoring from over 80 different system  health alerts enable proactive troubleshooting. 

Platform Uptime - WCAI.png
reliable redundancy

Infrastructure Redundancy.  100% virtualized system runs in a VMWare HA environment with automatic failover to other VM hosts in the cluster in the event of a hardware failure.  

Geographic Redundancy. A failover instance of our entire infrastructure and database runs in an out-of-state data center for geographical redundancy.

Database Redundancy.  Primary database transaction logs are sent every 30 minutes to the fail-over database, with a full backup performed once weekly.​

on-prem or cloud

Private Instance Cloud.  Isolate every project in its own private database instance for maximum privacy.

Secure Public Cloud.  All project data moves in an end-to-end encryption workflow, and rests in storage at 256-bit encryption.

On-Prem Deployment. WebChartAI's small footprint requires only one physical server running 10 virtualized servers at less than 50 GB RAM.