improve findability

of online products and services 

WebChartAi is a human-driven data enrichment platform

for text and audio that simplifies complex workflows. 

Named Entity Recognition

built to simplify multi-client, 

multi-project management

Manage one or thousands of clients, projects, and annotators concurrently. Create fully automated, customized workflows based on client,  team,  project type and much more.

labeling projects made easy

quick project set-up

by lowering technology barriers, WebChartAi broadens usability

Create and publish new projects in minutes.  Assign annotators,

define workflow and launch project with a few mouse-clicks.  

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intuitive editor  

browser agnostic annotator built for speed and accuracy

Cloud-based editor designed for easy navigation by non-technical users. Highly readable controls, intuitive short-cuts and on-screen project instructions.  

Word Classification
Word Classification

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Sentiment Analysis
Sentiment Analysis

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Named Entity Recognition
Named Entity Recognition

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Word Classification
Word Classification

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powerful classification

and extraction tools

create, deploy and manage a wide range of audio and text labeling projects

Typical project types include named entity recognition, topic classification, sentiment and intent analysis, text summarization, content moderation, utterance collection and many more. 

use cases that extract important insights

WebChartAi helps unleash the power of unstructured data



Label discrete classes of data within unstructured text for projects like NER, topic classification and others. 


Word Lists

Classify words and meanings in order to normalize usage in automation applications. 

Intent Variation &

Utterance Collection

Gather variations of meaning  from utterances and other content to better understand sentiment and intent. 

Sentiment & Intent


Accurately interpret a target audience's attitudes, emotions

and opinions (sentiment), and their goal, desire or objective (intent).    



Verbatim transcribing of single or multi-voice recordings for custom modeling and speech-to-text accuracy gains. 

Content Moderation & Spam Detection

Interpret and classify content for appropriateness and spam. 



Summarize text into succinct synopses that are tailored to reader types or access rights. 



Identify the language used in text for categorization and workflow purposes. 



Classify, group and/or assign tags to organize text and make it more actionable, in uses like topic classification and brand monitoring. 

built to manage confidential

& proprietary information


Audit trails on every annotated data object. Highly configurable access controls. Version retention on all annotation iterations.  


Industry-leading up-times with 10+ years of continuous infrastructure refinements, monitored by independent auditor


Infrastructure, database and geographic redundancy, 100% virtualized architecture  

designed to optimize system efficiency and reliability.  

First Project Free

Run your first project of up to

1,000 text objects at no cost. 

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