WebChartAi helps NLP
automation projects succeed
platform technology built to facilitate productivity and accuracy 

enterprise scale design

WebChartAI's enterprise class design  easily scales from a single annotation project to thousands of projects running concurrently. 


Process your own projects, or use WebChartAI to manage projects for an almost unlimited number of other entities, all from the same workflow.  

3-1 Enterprise Scale Design.png
3-2 Versatile Set-up Tools.png

versatile project set-up tools

Choose from a variety of annotation layouts and input prompts, and design and publish  a text annotation project in minutes.

Create and store tags, and choose from a variety of design options for presenting tags in the annotator workflow.  


intuitive editor

WebChartAI's editor is designed to maximize annotator productivity and accuracy.  The  simple, uncluttered display and on-screen instructions makes it easy for annotators to follow the workflow. 

The annotation editor combines hot-key driven ease-of-use with cutting-edge cloud-based sophistication. 

annotator editor.png
3-4 Efficient QA at Scale.png

efficient QA at scale

Highly configurable design enables QA routing based on annotator, template type, client, project, accuracy threshold setting, or any other workflow criteria.  


QA workflow moves seamlessly through any number of QA pools, and QA levels, for maximum efficiency.  ​


powerful project management tools

See all project and annotator metrics from one screen.  Track project status and data objects as they move through the workflow. 


Add annotators to projects with a few mouse-clicks, and customize each annotator's access to projects. 

3-5 Powerful Project Management.png
3-6 Robust Workflow Controls.png

robust workflow controls

Seamlessly integrate in-house and contracted annotators into one seamless annotation workflow.  


Create workflow and data routing rules from the point of import through every milestone in the annotation process, including workflows created to meet security or other project requirements.